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CS Department is working with the Regina Catholic School Division on CS 20 materials (Expired)

The Department of Computer Science and the Regina Catholic School Division (RCSD) are working jointly to develop materials for a web-delivered CS 20 course.  The innovative materials feature the early use of Build Your Own Blocks software development platform to help the grade 11 students make a fast start to programming.  The Greenfoot package is also used to allow the students to develop graphics-oriented Java programs with little delay.  Participants from the RCSD include online teacher Chantal Ounsworth and technical analyst Ejiro (E.J.) Jarikre and those from our department include students Tori Verlysdonk and Billy Hamilton and professors Daryl Hepting and Howard Hamilton.

For more details on the project and a description of the experience of working on the project, see the recent yourblog posting by Tori Verlysdonk:

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