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Science Seminar: Mark Wilkinson, "Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration (SADI): 'cause you can't always GET what you want!", Nov. 14, 11:00 am, LB 239 (Expired)

Series: Faculty of Science Seminar Series
Speaker: Dr. Mark Wilkinson
Date: Monday, Nov. 14, 2011
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Lab Building, Room 239
Title: Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration (SADI):  
         'cause you can't always GET what you want!


The complexity and inter-related nature of biological data poses a  
difficult challenge for data and tool integration.  There has been a  
proliferation of interoperability standards and projects over the past  
decade, none of which has been widely adopted by the bioinformatics   
community.  SADI – Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration – is a  
lightweight set of fully standards-compliant Semantic Web service design  
patterns that simplify the publication of services of the type commonly  
found in bioinformatics and other scientific domains.  Using Semantic Web  
technologies at every level of the Web services “stack”, SADI services  
consume and produce instances of OWL Classes following a small number of  
very straightforward best-practices.  SADI Services are fully compliant  
with, and utilize only foundational Web standards; are simple to create  
and maintain for service providers; and can be discovered and utilized in  
a very intuitive way by biologist end-users.  In addition, the SADI design  
patterns significantly improve the ability of software to automatically  
discover appropriate services based on user-needs, and automatically chain  
these into complex analytical workflows.  I will demonstrate that SADI  
design-patterns enable data compliant with an ontological model to be  
automatically gathered, or generated, from distributed non-coordinating  
resources - a behaviour we have not observed in any other Semantic system.

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