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Acceptable prerequisites for CS 409 are different from those shown in the calendar (Expired)

CS 409 Interactive Entertainment Software (the course about writing computer games) has the following prerequisites shown in the University calendar: "CS 405 and any two of CS 320, 330, 335, 340 or 350".  The "and" should be shown as an "or".  As well, our two recent graphics courses CS 390AN and CS 315 can be used in place of CS 405.  The acceptable prerequisites are:

CS 390AN or CS 315 or CS 405 or (any two of CS 320, 330, 335, 340, or 350)

If you have the acceptable prerequisites but not the prerequisites stated in the calendar, you will not be able to register online.  So, if you are in the Faculty of Science, you should contact (CW307.14) or the Science Student Services office ( or visit LB 238) and they will put a pre-req override into the system to correct the problem.  If you are not a Science student, please contact your faculty (Admin, Arts, Engineering, etc.) or your college (Campion, Luther, etc.) for assistance.

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