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Seminar: Bandar Mohammed, "Managing Constraints and Preferences in Interactive Applications", Nov. 9, 3:30 pm, CL 410 (Expired)

Managing Constraints and Preferences in Interactive Applications
Bandar Mohammed, M.Sc. Student, U of R

November 9, 2011, 3:30 pm, CL 410



Several internet shoppers find it challenging to select the perfect aspects or features when purchasing a new product online; for instance, a desktop computer, a camera, a laptop and so on. Indeed, the majority of online corporations do not offer clients the capability to express their choices and preferences when purchasing a new product. In other words, several shopping web sites constrain the clients to select among some given options and not necessarily the alternatives which meet their desires, needs and satisfaction. This can be frustrating and upsetting for clients as it gives them the impression that their preferences are not taken into consideration.

 In this seminar, I will first introduce and show the benefits of constraint programming with quantitative and qualitative preferences for interactive applications. I will then present the online shopping system and its user interface, I have developed for managing the customer requirements and preferences. These later are modeled respectively as a set of hard and soft constraints. Based on these constraints and using constraint solving techniques, the system is capable of providing the customer with a list of options corresponding to the best solutions satisfying the hard constraints and maximizing the soft ones.



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