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Seminar: Mondelle Simeon, "GENCCS: A Correlated Group Difference Approach to Contrast Set Mining," CL 410, Nov. 18, 3:30 pm (Expired)


SPEAKER:     Mondelle Simeon, Ph.D. Student, U of R

DATE:            Friday November 18, 2011

TIME:             3:30 pm

 PLACE:          CL 410

 TITLE:            GENCCS: A Correlated Group Difference Approach to Contrast Set Mining


 Contrast set mining has developed as a data mining task which aims at discerning differences amongst groups. These groups can be patients, organizations, molecules, and even time-lines, and are defined by a selected property that distinguishes one from the other. A contrast set is a conjunction of attribute-value pairs that differ significantly in their distribution across groups. The search for contrast sets can be prohibitively expensive on relatively large datasets because every combination of attribute-values must be examined, causing a potential exponential growth of the search space. In this presentation, we propose a contrast set mining technique that utilizes mutual information and all confidence to select the attribute-value pairs that are most highly correlated, in order to mine correlated group differences (CGDs). Our experiments on real datasets demonstrate the efficiency of our approach and the interestingness of the CGDs discovered.

 Everyone Welcome - We hope to see you there!

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