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Colloquium: Luigi Benedicenti, "Statistics, Empirical Software Engineering and You: The Evolving Quandary," Nov. 21, 3:30 pm, CL 130 (Expired)


Computer Science Research Colloquium

Speaker:  Dr. Luigi Benedicenti, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, Associate VP Academic, University of Regina

Date: Monday, November 21, 2011, 3:30 pm

Room: CL 130

Title: Statistics, Empirical Software Engineering and You: The Evolving Quandary



Statistical methods are widely adopted in empirical software engineering to derive more formal results out of experiments and surveys, and also to aggregate several studies together to detect a more significant result that may not be apparent in each individual study: the meta-analysis approach that is very successful in other disciplines like medicine.

The traditional approach adopted in software engineering derives directly from quality control in manufacturing. However, such an approach falls short in software engineering because it does not take into account the human factor, which plays a preponderant role in software development. Statistical rigour is highly desirable because it leads to a higher degree of confidence in the results of studies and it can be further aggregated in meta-analytical studies. On the
other hand, statistical analysis often fails when appraising techniques and methods like agile development. How can one take advantage of the benefit of statistics, then, while accounting for the human factor? Starting with the current best practices, this presentation will look into the future and potential areas for additional research in software measurements.


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