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Seminar: Ryan Marcotte, "Parallelization of Graphics Data Processing Using the GPU," Nov. 23, 3:30 pm, CL 410 (Expired)

SPEAKER:     Ryan Marcotte, Honours Student, U of R

DATE:            Wednesday November 23, 2011

TIME:             3:30 pm

PLACE:          CL 410

TITLE:              Parallelization of Graphics Data Processing Using the GPU


Advances in graphics processing unit (GPU) technology have introduced programmable vertex and fragment shaders that give the programmer more control over how vertex and color data are processed. This seminar will discuss the difference in architectures between computer CPUs (central processing units) and GPUs and how to take advantage of parallelization in GPU architectures using shader programs for processing graphics data. A large data set, represented by a particle system, will be processed serially using the CPU and then in parallel on the GPU to demonstrate the possible speed increase obtained through parallelization. Methods for taking advantage of GPUs for general purpose computing tasks will also be briefly discussed.

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