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Seminar: Richard Hamilton, "REBIE Expression-Based Image Editor," Nov. 25, 3:30 pm, CL 410 (Expired)


SPEAKER:     Richard Hamilton, Student, University of Regina

DATE:            Friday November 25, 2011

TIME:             3:30 pm

PLACE:          CL 410

TITLE:            REBIE Expression-Based Image Editor


An image editor is a program that allows users to manipulate images using a graphical interface.  Image editors normally allow only simple, pre-designed operations to be performed on images.  The REBIE Expression-Based Image Editor allows transformations to be specified algebraically, which is more versatile.  These algebraic expressions can be stored as scripts and then applied to new images.  This presentation describes the interface to REBIE and gives some examples of how algebraic expressions can be used to manipulate and create images.  Two examples are presented: generating clouds with Perlin noise and converting an image to a tiled mosaic.


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