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Seminar: Shahid Hussain, "Asset Inspection Manager -- AIM," Nov. 30, 3:30 pm, CL 410 (Expired)

Computer Science Seminar Series

SPEAKER:     Shahid Hussain, M.Sc. Student, U of R

DATE:            Wednesday November 30, 2011
TIME:             3:30 pm

PLACE:          CL 410

TITLE:            Asset Inspection Manager - AIM


Preventive maintenance of water, waste water and storm assets is a major task for any city. In order to keep these assets sustainable and reliable, cities have to spend millions of dollars each year. Preventive maintenance of these assets needs more organization and planning to increase the efficiency of the programs. The presenter provided a solution to The City of Calgary by developing a program which combines the information from different databases along with Geographic Information System to better organize the inspection programs which helps eliminating the duplication of inspections and totally missing inspections of some other assets. This application is also being used to store the inspection results for future analysis and improvement in the inspection programs. This presentation will include the short demonstration of AIM to explain how it is being used in The City of Calgary.

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