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"Putting Computing into Science" Professional Development Day for Grade 6-12 Science Teachers, Dec. 7, 2011 was a huge success (Expired)

Putting Computing into Science
Professional Development Day for Grade 6-12 Science Teachers
The Putting Computing into Science Professional Development (PD) Day for Grade 6-12 Science Teachers was a huge success.  It was presented by the Department of Computer Science on Dec. 7th.  Many middle years science teachers and high school CS teachers from the province attended this workshop. The Saskatchewan Chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) was formally established by the end of the day.
Afterwards, Dr. Xue Dong Yang, Department Head of Computer Science, said:

The success of this event would not be possible without the hard work of many individuals. On behalf of the Department of Computer Science, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the following specific individuals:
Dr. Daryl Hepting who brought up this idea and was instrumental in the organization, preparation and presentation of this workshop;
Mr. Billy Hamilton, Mr. Mark Laprairie, Mr. Tim Maciag, and Mr. Brett Park, students of CS who are presenters of four sessions respectively; also, Ms. Tori Verlysdonk who, in Summer 2011, developed the material that was the basis for one session;
Dr. Howard Hamilton, Dr. Daryl Hepting, Dr. David Gerhard, and Mr. Alex Clarke who supervised or directly participated in the development of materials for the presentations;
Ms. Wendy Preikchat, Ms. Marilyn Hepp, Ms. Amy Hunter, and Ms. Ara Steininger who provided excellent organizational and logistic support to the workshop;
Mr. Pat Wagner, Mr. James Kraushaar, and Mr. Geremy Lague who provided excellent technical support to the workshop.
Encouraged by this success, the Department will make further efforts in this direction in the future. I encourage each and every member of the CS department to contribute to our future activities.
Congratulations to the above mentioned individuals!
Xue Dong Yang

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