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Department Researchers Lead the University of Regina As the Most Cited, According to Microsoft Academic Website (Expired)

Recent searches conducted using the Microsoft Academic Website show that the Department of Computer Science researchers are among the most cited at the University of Regina.  You can view the results at:

Dr. Yiyu Yao, a faculty member in the department, was identified as the most cited researcher at the University, with both the most citations (4929) and the highest h-index score (37).  Of the researchers with the highest h-index scores, five (5) of the top eleven (11) are from our department.  In all, eight (8) of the top thirty (30) such researchers are from our department.  They are (in alphabetical order) Dr. Cory Butz, Dr. Howard Hamilton, Dr. Robert Hilderman, Dr. Michael Wong (retired), Dr. Xuedong Yang, Dr. Jingtao Yao, Dr. Yiyu Yao, and Dr. Wojciech Ziarko (on leave).  The h-index is a measure of lifetime productivity that measures the number h of publications that have received at least h citations.  For example, Dr. Yiyu Yao has 37 research papers that have received at least 37 citations.  A citation to one researcher occurs when some other researcher cites (refers to) any of the first researcher's publications in another published work.

For reference, Dr. Yiyu Yao's most cited paper is: Yao, Y.Y., Relational interpretations of neighborhood operators and rough set approximation operators, Information Sciences, 111(1), 1998, 239-259.

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