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Recent journal publications - March 2012 (Expired)

Recently published journal papers by member of the Department of Computer Science:

B. S. McIntosh, J. C. Ascough, M. Twery, J. Chew, A. Elmahdi, D. Haase, J. Harou, D. H. Hepting, S. Cuddy, A. J. Jakeman, S. Chen, AQ. Kassahun, S. Lautenbach, K. Matthews, W. Merritt, N. W. T. Quinn, I. Rodriguez-Roda, S. Sieber, M. Stavenga, A. Sulis, J. Ticehurst, M. Volk, M. Wrobel, H. van Delden, S. El-Sawah, Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS) Development Challenges and Best Practices, Environmental Modelling & Software, 26(12), December 2011, pp. 1389-1402.

D. H. Hepting, R. Spring, and D. Slezak , A Rough Set Analysis of Facial Similarity Judgements, Transactions on Rough Sets VII, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6600, Springer Verlag, 2011, pp. 8199.

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