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Technovation Challenge "Hack Day" in Regina for High School girls - Dec. 6 (Expired)

The Department of Computer Science is excited to introduce the "Technovation Challenge" for High School girls.  Teams, made up of 5 girls, compete to develop and pitch a mobile app that solves a problem in their lives and community.   It is an international competition going into its 4th year.  Winners from the regional pitch day will go to San Francisco to present their ideas.  The Technovation Challenge is unique in that it exposes students to computer science, business planning, and presenting their work for the public.

Technovation?s mission is to inspire girls to become creators and innovators. This is truly a unique and exciting competition for any girl interested in understanding how technology can change the world in which we live our daily lives.

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From a previous participant:
"The skills I learned through Technovation went far beyond what I learn on the average school day. The people I have met through Technovation  have helped me more than they know. They were living proof that it was possible for women to have successful careers in science and technology.  They reinforced the message Technovation is trying to send; if you work hard you can do anything. Now I know I can do anything too."

To prepare interested students, our Department of Computer Science will hold a "Hack Day" on campus on Thursday, December 6th 2012.  The day is intended to help students become familiar with the App Inventor platform (for programming applications on Android mobile phones) and to meet other studentsinterested in Computer Science.

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