CS 476 Software Development Project will be taught for the first time in Winter 2013 (Expired)

In Winter 2013, Dr. Samira Sadaoui will teach a new course, CS 476 - Software Development Project, for the first time.  This course is open to all students who have the prerequisite of CS 372, subject to the usual enrollment limits.  It is a required part of the B.Sc. in Software Systems Development (SSD) program.  It is anticipated that it will be offered every second year in the Winter term.

CS 476 - Software Development Project

Description: Software development projects following all the phases of the software process. Project planning and scheduling. Surveys of architectural styles, software frameworks and component architectures. Semester-long projects (for real customers when it is possible).

Prerequisites: CS 372

For more information, contact Dr. Sadaoui at sadaouis@cs.uregina.ca.

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