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Computer Science Open House brings youth and parents to campus on February 22, 2013 (Expired)

On February 22, 2013, the University of Regina hosted an open house on Computing Literacy.  The event brought a steady stream of parents and youth to campus where they learned about Scratch programming, robots and more.

Scratch is a simplified programming language that makes programming computers easy for children or youth.  It provides a visual programming environment for making interactive stories, games, music, and art.   Using Scratch is fun and it provides a great introduction to programming.

The open house honoured "Canadian Computing Education Day", which was proclaimed by the Canadian Association of Computer Science/Association d'Informatique Canadienne to occur on Feb. 22 this year.  The event was part of the national program initiated by CACS/AIC to emphasize the importance of computing.  For more information on Canadian Computing Education Day, see

Conveniently, Feb. 22 was also Scratch Day Canada, which made the choice of Scratch particularly pertinent. 

The event highlighted some current challenges in Computer Science education:

  • Communicating exciting careers that involve computing,
  • Renewing curriculum to ground every student in computational thinking and computing and
  • Creating better ways to train teachers in computing science.

The Open House was organized by Dr. Daryl Hepting (a faculty member in our department), with assistance from Ashley Yeaman (our program coordinator), Alex Clarke and Guili Liu (lab instructors in our department), Waseem Ahmed and Shu (Jesse) Zhang (grad students), and Robin Jastrzebski, Regan Meloche, Stevan Mikha, Tori Verlysdonk, Aysia Yeo, and Kevin Yu (undergrads).

For more information on the planning of the event, follow the link below to a letter written by Dr. Hepting, which appeared in Leader Post on Wednesday, February 20.

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