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CS 475 Added for Fall term 201430 MWF 10:30-11:20 ED 312 (CRN 33200) (Expired)

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that we are added CS 475 for the fall term to provide students with a larger choice of fourth year courses. Information:

CS 475 MWF 10:30-11:20 ED 312 (CRN 33200)

The course description from the calendar is given below:

Description: Advances in database systems. An in-depth study of relational query languages, including the algebraic, logic, and logic programming paradigms. Inclusion dependency and semantic data models. Other topics may include Datalog, complex values, object-oriented databases, probabilistic databases and Web databases.
Prerequisites: CS 375

The Department is seeking approval from the university for the following new course description:

Description: Advanced database systems concepts. Topics include one or more of the following: in-depth study of topics covered in CS 375; inclusion dependency and semantic data models; object-oriented databases; probabilistic databases; Web databases; data mining.

The intention is to emphasize data mining in CS 475 in the fall term (201430).

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