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Recent journal publications - January to June 2014 (Expired)

Recently published or accepted journal papers by member of the Department of Computer Science:

  • S. Abedinzadeh and S. Sadaoui. A Trust-based Service Suggestion System using Human Plausible Reasoning. Applied Intelligence, The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Complex Problem-Solving Technologies, Springer US, January 2014, DOI: 10.1007/s10489-013-0495-8
  • S. Abedinzadeh and S. Sadaoui.  Identifying Factors for Managing Trust in Open Multi-Agents Systems. Accepted July 2014 in the International Journal of Information Engineering, American V-King Scientific Publishing.
  • X Deng and Y Yao. Decision-theoretic three-way approximations of fuzzy sets. Information Sciences 279, 702-715. 2014.
  • Y Yao, X Deng. Quantitative rough sets based on subsethood measures. Information Sciences 267, 306-322, 2014.
  • B Zhou, Y Yao and J Luo. Cost-sensitive three-way email spam filtering. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 41, 419-45, 2014.
  • X.F. Deng and Y. Y. Yao. A multifaceted analysis of probabilistic three-way decisions. Fundamenta Informaticae 132, 291-313, 2014.
  • C. Lee, R. Devillers, and O. Hoeber, Navigating spatio-temporal data with temporal zoom and pan in a multi-touch environment, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 28(5):1128-1148, 2014.
  • N. Azam, J.T. Yao, Analyzing Uncertainties of Probabilistic Rough Set Regions with Game-theoretic Rough Sets, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 55(1):142-155, 2014.
  • J.T. Yao, H.X. Li, G. Peters, Decision-theoretic rough sets and beyond, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 55(1):99-100, 2014.

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