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Research articles by J.T. Yao and N. Azam to be published in the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge-Based Systems (Expired)

J.T. Yao (Professor in our department) and N. Azam (a PhD. student in our department) had two research articles accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (IEEE TFS) and Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS). The title of the first article is "Web-based Medical Decision Support Systems for Three-way Decision Making with Game-theoretic Rough Sets" which is going to appear in the IEEE TFS. The article propose a three-way decision making approach with game-theoretic rough set (GTRS) model that examines and improves the overall uncertainty associated with rough set based decision making. IEEE TFS is the leading international journal in artificial intelligence with an impact factor of 6.3.

 Another paper titled "Game-theoretic Rough Sets for Recommender Systems" is going to appear in Knowledge-Based Systems. This paper is on investigating a balance and tradeoff solution between two properties of recommendations, i.e., accuracy and generality using the GTRS. The impact factor of KBS is 3.05. These paper can be accessed online at and

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