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Recent journal publications - July to Septembr 2014 (Expired)

Recently published or accepted journal papers by members of the Department of Computer Science (the list in the following may not include all published or accepted journal papers we have, only a part of our members submitted their paper information to the website administrator):

N. Azam, J.T. Yao,
Game-theoretic Rough Sets for Recommender Systems,
Knowledge-Based Systems (IF 3.0), (in press), 2014.

J.T. Yao, N. Azam,
Web-based Medical Decision Support Systems for Three-way Medical Decision Making with
Game-theoretic Rough Sets,
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems (IF 6.3), (in press), 2014.

Rahim Samei, Pavel Semukhin, Boting Yang, Sandra Zilles,
Algebraic methods proving Sauer's bound for teaching complexity,
Theoretical Computer Science, 2014.

Thorsten Doliwa, Gaojian Fan, Hans Simon, Sandra Zilles,
Recursive Teaching Dimension, VC-Dimension, and Sample Compression,
Accepted by Journal of Machine Learning Research.

Malte Darnstadt, Thorsten Kiss, Hans Simon, Sandra Zilles,
Order Compression Schemes,
Accepted by Theoretical Computer Science.

Levi H. S. Lelis, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Sandra Zilles, and Robert C. Holte,
Predicting optimal solution cost with conditional probabilities,
Accepted by Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

J.T. Yao also edited the following special issue:

T.R. Li, H.M. Chen, J.T. Yao, and H.S. Nguyen, Advances on Rough Sets and Knowledge
Technology (preface), Fundamenta Informaticae, 132(3), i-iii, 2014.

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