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Research article by N. Azam and J. T. Yao to be published in the Journal of Information Sciences (Expired)

N. Azam (a PhD. student in our department) and J. T. Yao (a faculty member in our department) had a research article in the journal of "Information Sciences". The title of the article is "Interpretation of Equilibria in Game-theoretic Rough Sets" which is going to appear in the Feburary, 2015 volume of the journal. The article disscusses two equilibria or game solutions related issues with the GTRS model. i.e., the interpretation of equilibria and the existence of equilibria. The paper is availible online at and the complete citation to the paper is:

N. Azam, J. T. Yao, Interpretation of Equilibria in Game-theoretic Rough Sets, Information Sciences 295, 586-599, 2015.

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