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Announcement: Retirement of Dr. Brien Maguire (Expired)

The following message was sent by Dr. Daniel Gagnon, Dean of the Faculty of Science:
I would like to let you know that Dr. Brien Maguire, a long time
faculty member of the Faculty of Science and one of the Faculty’s former
Deans, is retiring on December 31, 2015.  After completing his
undergraduate studies in Mathematics at the University of Saskatchewan
(1968) he attended the University of Waterloo, completing a Master’s
degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. Dr.
Maguire joined the Computer Science Department of the University of
Saskatchewan, Regina Campus in July 1972, and rose through the ranks to
become a Full Professor in 1983. He was the Head of his Department
during two separate mandates, for a total of 16.5 years. He was also the
Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty of Science from May 2007 to March
2009, at which time he became the Acting Dean of the Faculty until the
end of 2011. Our esteemed colleague went well above and beyond the call
of duty in his administrative duties to our Faculty.
Brien is known to be an excellent teacher. He was entrusted with
teaching very large classes of CS100, often numbering as many as 500
students, right from the start of his career. He reports having enjoyed
teaching literally thousands of students in his classes over the years.
Graduates of Computer Science who often meet him around Regina usually
start the conversation by saying that they survived his CS300 class.
This was an assembler language class he taught frequently, and it was
very difficult (he does admit that it was a lot of work). Brien also
remembers his first teaching semester very well because the 8 students
in his compiler class came to the last lecture with boxes of punched
card (Google it) chads, and emptied them over his head! I am certain
that this was an affectionate gesture, similar to drowning a coach in
Gatorade after a win. Brien also trained several graduate students
during his career.
Professor Maguire was involved to the highest degree in the initial
development of international relationships between the University of
Regina and other institutions, primarily in China and India. At the
University of Regina, he led, over more than a decade, many very
well-funded and multi-annual projects focusing on training and education
in computer use, with the Community Access to Technology Assisted
Learning (CATAL) program and with the Student Connection Program
(Industry Canada and training projects).
All will join me on congratulating our colleague Brien on his long and
successful career in the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina.
Brien recalls starting his career on this campus when it consisted only
of a few buildings, surrounded by open prairie. He really enjoyed
watching the University come into being and mature into the lovely
campus that it is today.
We will definitely miss his wisdom, experience and wonderful wit. As a
grateful faculty, we wish him and his spouse a very happy retirement.
Daniel Gagnon
Dean, Faculty of Science
University of Regina

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