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Recent journal publications - 2015 (Expired)

Recently published or accepted journal papers by members of the Department of Computer Science (the list in the following may not include all published or accepted journal papers we have, only a part of our members submitted their paper information to the website administrator):

Published articles in 2015

D. Dereniowski, D. Dyer, R. Tifenbach and B. Yang, The complexity of zero-visibility cops and robber, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 607, part 2, pp.135-148, 2015.

D. Dereniowski, D. Dyer, R. Tifenbach and B. Yang, Zero-Visibility Cops and Robber and the Pathwidth of a Graph, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 29, pp.541--564, 2015.

S. Fallat, K. Meagher and B. Yang, On the complexity of the positive semidefinite zero forcing number, Linear Algebra and its Applications. Accepted 10 March 2015, Available online 18 March 2015 with doi:10.1016/j.laa.2015.03.011.

L. Hoeber, A. Doherty, O. Hoeber, R. Wolfe, The nature of innovation in community sport organizations, European Sport Management Quarterly, 15(5):518-534, 2015.

O. Hoeber and T. Khazaei, Evaluating citation visualization and exploration methods for supporting academic search tasks, Online Information Review, 39(2):229-254, 2015.

Hunag, J.J., Yuan, X., Zhong, N., Yao, Y.Y., Modeling tag-aware recommendations based on user preferences, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 14(5): 947-970, 2015.

I. Kanj, G. Lin, T. Liu, W. Tong, G. Xia, J. Xu, B. Yang, F. Zhang, P. Zhang and B. Zhu, Improved parameterized and exact algorithms for cut problems on trees, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 607, part 3, pp.455--470, 2015.

Ma, J.M., Yao, Y.Y., Rough set approximations in multi-granulation fuzzy approximation spaces, Fundamenta Informaticae 142(1-4) 145-160, 2015.

B. Yang, Lower bounds for positive semidefinite zero forcing and their applications, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Accepted July 12, 2015. Available online July 25, 2015 with doi:10.1007/s10878-015-9936-0.

B. Yang and W. Hamilton, The Optimal Capture Time of the One-Cop-Moves Game, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 588, pp.96--113, 2015.

Yao, Y.Y., The two sides of the theory of rough sets, Knowledge-based Systems 80: 67-77, 2015.

Yu, H., Wang, G.Y., Yao, Y.Y., Current research and future perspectives on decision-theoretic rough sets (in Chinese), Chinese Journal of Computers 38(8): 1628-1639, 2015.

Accepted articles in 2015 (in press)

Jia, X.Y., Shang, L., Zhou, B., Yao, Y.Y., Generalized attribute reduct in rough set theory, Knowledge-Based Systems, in press.

O. Hoeber, L. Hoeber, M. El Meseery, K. Odoh, R. Gopi, Visual Twitter analytics (Vista): Temporally changing sentiment and the discovery of emergent themes within sport event tweets, Online Information Review, in press.

T. Khazaei and O. Hoeber, Supporting academic search tasks through citation visualization and exploration, International Journal on Digital Libraries, in press.

S. Sadaoui and S. K. Shil. A Multi-Attribute Auction Mechanism based on Conditional Constraints and Conditional Qualitative Preferences. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (to appear in 2016).

Yao, Y.Y., A triarchic theory of granular computing, Granular Computing, in press.

Yao, Y.Y., She, Y.H., Rough set models in multigranulation spaces, Information Sciences, in press.

Yao, Y.Y., Zhou, B., Two Bayesian approaches to rough sets, European Journal of Operational Research, in press.

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