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Notice of Oral Defense of Thesis - Bandar Mohammed - February 8, 2017 at 9:15am CST (Expired)

Notice of Oral Defense of Thesis


Date Notice Sent:                                                January 10, 2017


Department of Subject Area:                              Department of Computer Science


Name of Candidate:                                            Bandar Mohammed


Degree:                                                               Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science


Date and Time of Examination:                          February 8, 2017 at 9:15am CST


Place of Examination:                                         Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Boardroom

(PT/NR 110.3)


Final Thesis Title:                                               Handling Qualitative and Quantitative Preferences with Constraints in Interactive Applications






NAME                                                    DEPARTMENT


External Examiner:

Dr. Behrouz Far                                                   University of Calgary



Dr. Malek Mouhoub                                            Department of Computer Science

Dr. Samira Sadaoui                                              Department of Computer Science


Supervisory Committee Members:

Dr. Boting Yang                                                  Department of Computer Science

Dr. Lisa Fan                                                        Department of Computer Science

Dr. Andrei Volodin                                              Department of Mathematics and Statistics



Dr. Aram Teymurazyan                                       Department of Physics

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