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Recent journal publications - 2017 (Expired)

Recently published or accepted journal papers by faculty members of the Department of Computer Science (the list is not complete as only a part of the faculty members provided their paper information in 2017 to the website administrator):

Published articles in 2017:

N. Azam, Y. Zhang and J.T. Yao, "Evaluation Functions and Decision Conditions of Three-way Decisions with Game-theoretic Rough Sets", European Journal of Operational Research, 261(2):704-714, 2017.

H.U. Rehman, N. Azam, J.T. Yao, and A. Benso, "A Three-way Approach for Protein Function Classification", PLoS ONE, 12(2):e0171702, 2017.

M.T. Khan, N. Azam, S. Khalid and J.T. Yao, "A Three-way Approach for Learning Rules in Automatic Knowledge-based Topic Models", International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 82:210-226, 2017.

Y. Zhang and J.T. Yao, "Gini Objective Functions for Three-way Classifications", International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 81:103-114, 2017.

C.J. Butz, J.S. Oliveira and A. dos Santos, "On Darwinian Networks", Computational Intelligence, Vol. 33, No. 4, 629-655, 2017.

M. Laprairie, H.J. Hamilton and A. Geiger, "ICVG: Practical Constructive Volume Geometry for Indirect Visualization", International Journal of Computer Graphics and Animation, 7(3/4), 19 pages, October, 2017.

R. Marcotte and H.J. Hamilton, "Behavior Trees for Modelling Artificial Intelligence in Games: A Tutorial", The Computer Games Journal, 6(3), 171-184. May, 2017.

T.L.M. Derzaph and H.J. Hamilton, "The PLANI Plant Animation Framework", International Journal of Computer Graphics and Animation, 7(1/2), 20 pages, April, 2017.

Y.Y. Yao, "Interval sets and three-way concept analysis in incomplete contexts", International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 8(1): 3-20, 2017.

Y.Y. Yao, S. Wang and X.F. Deng, "Constructing shadowed sets and three-way approximations of fuzzy sets", Information Sciences 412-413: 132-153, 2017.

Y.Y. Yao and X.Y. Zhang, "Class-specific attribute reducts in rough set theory", Information Sciences 418-419: 601-618, 2017.

C. Gao and Y.Y. Yao, "Actionable strategies in three-way decisions", Knowledge-based Systems 133: 141-155, 2017.

L.Q. Zhao, Y.Y. Yao, and L. Zhang, "Measurement of general granules", Information Sciences 415-416: 128-141, 2017.

C. Luo, T.R. Li and Y.Y. Yao, "Dynamic probabilistic rough sets with incomplete data", Information Sciences 417: 39-54, 2017.

J.J. Huang, J. Wang, Y.Y. Yao and N. Zhong, "Cost-sensitive three-way recommendations by learning pair-wise preferences", International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 86: 28-40, 2017.

Y.F. Li, L.B. Zhang, Y. Xu, Y.Y. Yao, R.Y.K. Lau, and Y.T. Wu, "Enhancing binary classification by modeling uncertain boundary in three-way decisions", IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 29: 1438-1451, 2017.

X. Yang, T.R. Li, H. Fujita, L. Liu, and Y.Y. Yao, "A unified model of sequential three-way decisions and multilevel incremental processing", Knowledge-based Systems, 134: 172-188, 2017.

O. Hoeber, R. Snelgrove, L. Hoeber and L. Wood, "A systematic methodology for preserving the whole in large-scale qualitative-temporal research", Journal of Sport Management, 31(4):378-400, 2017.

T. Khazaei and O. Hoeber, "Supporting academic search tasks through citation visualization and exploration", International Journal on Digital Libraries, 18(1):59-72, 2017.

Z. Gao, Z. Mazadi, R. Meloche, H.U. Simon and S. Zilles, "Distinguishing pattern languages with membership examples". Inf. Comput. 256: 348-371 (2017)

Z. Gao, C. Ries, H.U. Simon and S. Zilles, "Preference-based Teaching", Journal of Machine Learning Research 18: 31:1-31:32 (2017)

S. K. Shil and S. Sadaoui, "Meeting Peak Electricity Demand through the Combinatorial Reverse Auctioning of Renewable Energy", Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, MPCE, pp. 1-13, November 2017.

S. K. Shil and S. Sadaoui, "Multi-Objective Optimization in Multi-Attribute and Multi-Unit Combinatorial Reverse Auctions", International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, IJAIT, World Scientific Publishing, 25(6):1-24, 2017.

K. W. Yong and M. Mouhoub, "Using Conflict and Support Counts for Variable and Value Ordering in CSPs", Applied Intelligence (Springer), pages 1-14, 2017.

M. Al-Ageili, M. Mouhoub and J. Piwowar, "Remote Sensing, GIS and Cellular Automata For Urban Growth Simulation", Computer and Information Science, Vol. 10, No. 4; pages 38-49, 2017.

B. Yang, "Lower bounds for positive semidefinite zero forcing and their applications", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 33, pp.81-105, 2017.
Y. Xue and B. Yang, "The fast search number of a Cartesian product of graphs", Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 224, pp.106-119, 2017.

Accepted articles in 2017 (in press):

Z. Gao, H.U. Simon and S. Zilles, "On the teaching complexity of linear sets", accepted for publication in Theoretical Computer Science.

S. Fallat, K. Meagher, A. Soltani, and B. Yang, "Compressed Cliques Graphs, Clique Coverings and Positive Zero Forcing", Theoretical Computer Science, accepted 2017, Available online
M. Adm, R. Bergen, F. Ihringer, S. Jaques, K. Meagher, A. Purdy, and B. Yang, "Ovoids of Generalized Quadrangles of Order $(q, q^2-q)$ and Delsarte Cocliques in Related Strongly Regular Graphs", Journal of Combinatorial Design, accepted 2017, Available online  
R. Bergen, S. Fallat, A. Gorr, F. Ihringer, K. Meagher, A. Purdy, B. Yang, and G. Yu, "Infection in Hypergraphs", Discrete Applied Mathematics, accepted 2017, Available online

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