Computer Science Education Week - 2010

Computer Science Education Week
December 5 - 11, 2010

YOURblog posts during CSEdWeek:

Few things indicate the importance of computer science education better than the following graph, which predicts that 2/3 of future computing jobs will not be filled. Computer Science Education Week has been established to focus attention on the need to improve computer science education at all levels and to increase participation in Computer Science.
United States' Annual STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Job Openings vs College Graduates through 2018 (adapted with permission from Computer Science Teachers' Association ( Voice newsletter, Volume 6, Number 5, November 2010).
United States' Annual STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Job Openings vs College Graduates through 2018
Computer Science has made our time intellectually the most creative and exciting in history. Computers are everywhere shaping almost everything. To stay on top of these developments, people need to be able to reformulate knowledge, to express it creatively, and to produce information instead of just consuming it. Computer science develops these skills and perspectives: it is not just about programming - it is about solving problems for people and the planet. Kevin Schofield of Microsoft Research writes in the CSTA Voice that "we all want to live in a cooler, smarter, better world, and inevitably, leaders will emerge who will take us there. If you aspire to be one of those leaders, if you want to have an impact on your world, a CS education is the best way to do so."

The University of Regina recognizes Computer Science 30 as an acceptable admission subject for applicants from Saskatchewan high schools. Once at the U of R, students will find the courses they need to embrace this brave new world: topics include health informatics, interactive gadgets, mobile computing, and more. For younger students, we offer computing as part of summer camps at the University of Regina.

This year, along with CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) Saskatchewan, the Computer Science Department at the U of R is marking Computer Science Education Week with a luncheon on December 7 (for information and registration, visit Please join us if you can.

We also want to hear your ideas about how to get Saskatchewan computing. Please contact Daryl Hepting (, 585-5210) or Wendy Preikchat (, 337-2541). Don't forget to visit some great online resources at the CSTA website and at

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