Message From The Head of The Department

I think you will find this Spring 2003 edition of the Computer Science Newsletter as informative as the Spring 2002 issue. Again, it is through the organizing efforts of Dr. Lisa Fan that these newsletters are possible. Please tell her how much you enjoy hearing about the people and activities in Computer Science The Department is about to say good-bye to a long-serving member. Dr. Michael Wong joined us from the British Columbia Systems Corporation in 1982. He is taking early retirement this summer. We have been very busy hiring new faculty and lab instructors over the last 2 – 3 years, with three new lab instructors and eleven new faculty members hired in this time frame. You met some of them in the last issue and you will meet others inside this issue. A new B.Sc. degree program in Software Systems Development made its first appearance in the latest University Calendar.
This program has half of its course requirements in common with the new Software Systems Engineering program in the Faculty of Engineering. The whole area of software engineering has been problematic at the national level in Canada. It is a very positive step that Computer Science and Engineering have taken in co-operatively creating two tightly coupled programs that address the needs of our separate disciplines. The goals for this year include a new B.Sc. degree in multimedia in collaboration with Media Production and Studies, a post-diploma B.Sc. program for SIAST graduates and a project-based master’s degree program. We will also see the arrival of our first 2+2 students from China.
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