Visiting Scholars

visiting scholar Prof. Huanzhao Wang joined University of Regina as a visiting scholar in March of 2003. She is a professor and director of Computer Architecture and Network Institute in Computer Science Department at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. Her research interests focus on Traffic Engineering and Network Dynamics, Internet Security and Intrusion Detection System, and Embedded System Software Development. Prof. Wang is currently doing research on topics of the Parallel Processing and Web Intelligence under the supervision of Dr. C. N. Zhang and Dr. J. T. Yao. She will stay with us for six months.

Visiting Research Scholars from Chongqing, China


visiting scholar

We are from Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunications in China. All of us are in one visiting research scholar group invited by Dr. Yiyu Yao and Dr. Jingtao Yao to work in the Rough Set Technology Lab for five months. Nine members of the group are Dr. Tang Hong, Dr. Wu Yu, Dr. Hu Xiangdong, Ms. Cheng Fang, Mr. Liu Yanbing, Mr. Song Weifeng, Mr. Wang Jian, Mr. Dong Zhenxing and Mr. Peng Hong.

We are doing research on Rough Sets and

Web Intelligence under the supervision of Dr. Y.Y. Yao and Dr. J.T.Yao.Each of us combines his/her own research interest with Rough Sets or Web Intelligence to obtain realistic or practical results, such as Web-based Research Support System, Web-based Collaborative Research Support, Intelligent QoS Schedule, and Business Intelligence. We attend related seminars and exchange ideas with the faculty members of the Department of Computer Science of University of Regina. They provide us with great support.

Regina is a beautiful city and much different from Chongqing. Chongqing is a mountainous city with Yangtze River and Jialin River going through. Regina has heavy snow in the winter while Chongqing has almost no snow. We enjoy the snow scene that we had never seen before. The people in Regina are very friendly. We made many friends here. Regina and the University impress us deeply. We will miss them after we return to China.

Fortunately, our research work is a beginning of the project. More faculty from the two universities will cooperate and work together. There will be an international conference on Rough Sets held in our university, Chongqing. We can meet our friends from University of Regina soon after we go back.

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