Computer Science Students Society - Fall 2004

The Computer Science Students Society is alive and well! After many years of obscurity, the CSSS has become one of the largest, most recognizable societies on campus. From under 10 members, a few years ago, to over a 150, our membership numbers have exploded. The increase of members has allowed us to host a number of activities such as: Movie Nights, Arcade Trips, Pool tournaments, and of course our legendary Beer Ní Pizza. The CSSS also sponsors various sports teams. Softball, Soccer (indoor and outdoor), and Volleyball are enjoyed free of charge to our members. These events and sports help build friendships and benefit the CSSS community.

For information about our next event, visit the CSSS website. Once there, make sure to visit the Forum. This is where event details, sport news, academic help, and general discussions are posted. It has become an online gathering point for our members with over 11,000 posts in numerous topic areas. Make sure to drop by and keep up on the latest CSSS news.

CSSS Executive for 2004/2005

  • President - A. J. Tidball
  • Vice President - Gabe Boyer
  • Communications Director - Vili Bogdan
  • Treasurer - Adam Knutson
  • Events Director - Amara Samchinsky
  • Membership Director - Michael Hamilton
  • Secretary - David Thue
  • General Executive - Joel Rathgaber
  • General Executive - Steve Deobald
  • General Executive - Geoff Sinfield
  • Administrators - Jeff Holding/Glenn Zink

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