Graduate Scholarships - Fall 2004

NSERC PGSD Scholarship

The NSERC Postgraduate Student Scholarship was awarded to a current Ph. D. student, Yan Zhao. This award is presented to a student with high academic standing in a graduate degree program. Yan has been at the University of Regina since 1999, and has graduated with a Certificate of Computer Science and a Masterís degree in Computer Science. She is under the supervision of Dr. Yiyu Yao and Dr. Brien Maguire.

The basis of Yanís research is to add an explanation task to the existing data mining framework. Scientific research and data mining have much in common in terms of their goals, tasks, processes and methodologies. By viewing data mining in a wider context of scientific research, we can obtain insights into the necessity and benefits of explanation construction. The model of explanation-oriented data mining was investigated in Yanís Masterís thesis based on such an investigation, and a novel approach was employed by combining unsupervised and supervised learning algorithms.

The next step of Yanís research focuses on establishing and solidifying the sound and complete methodology for explanation-oriented data mining. She is studying the issues of explanation generation and evaluation. Several types of explanations from generalization, from implication, and as causality are discussed and compared. Yanís research topic has a significant impact on the understanding of data mining and the effective applications of data mining results.

NSERC CGSM Scholarship

The CGSM Scholarship was awarded to Douglas Demyen. This scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding eligible scholars pursuing Master or Doctoral studies in a Canadian university.

NSERC PGSM Scholarship

PGSM Scholarships were awarded to Kenton Anderson, Shannon Blyth, Tyson Brochu and Jason Selzer. More information about these scholarships may be found at the NSERC website.

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