Computer Science Students Society - Fall 2005

The Computer Science Student's Society is excited about the new year. We have several new services and events to offer to this year's members.

The current executive members are Adam Knutson (President), Aaron Deobald (Vice-President), Steven Hladky (Treasurer), Matthew Demyen (Secretary), Jasmine Kulbida (Events Director), Shannon Blyth (Membership Director), Mike Hamilton (Communications Director), Ben Barnard (General Executive), Nick D'Autremont (General Executive) and Ben Harack (General Executive).

We have improved our website this year by adding a computer science specific exam database with exams loaded for many classes, primarily first year classes. We have also added many pictures to the gallery and extra sections to the forum .

Our event list has grown this year with at least one or two events per month. We start off the year with our first Beer and Pizza scheduled for September 22nd. Over the next several months we plan on having three more beer and pizzas, a CIPS pool night, a Wonderland Arcade night, a curling bonspiel, a mini golf tournament, and a badminton tournament, just to name a few.

This year we have made a deal with Bonzzini's Brew Pub for 10% off purchases with a CSSS member card. Also R-Dot, the local LAN group, has agreed to give out a free Bawls to all CSSS members who attend an R-Dot Lan Event, as well as other possible deals. Great Western has agreed to be our sponsor this year and they will provide us with beer and prizes for our beer and pizza events.

We are once again offering members free software through the MSDNAA using the online checkout services.

We hope to once again join several sports leagues, including outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, curling, ultimate Frisbee and floor hockey. All of these teams are dependant on member interest; however with our aggressive membership drive at the beginning of September, we hope to have many new people come out.

This year should be busy and exciting and we can't wait for it to start.

Top Row: Aaron Deobald, Adam Knutson , Ben Barnard, Jasmine Kulbida
Bottom Row: Nick D'Autremont, Shannon Blyth, Steven Hladky
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