Computer Science Student's Society (CSSS) News

The Computer Science Student's Society is excited about the upcoming year. We plan to continue to offer services and exciting educational events to all our members.

A big thank you to the executive members for the 2006 - 2007 academic year: Adam Knutson (President), Nathan Anderson (Vice-President), Aaron Deobald (Treasurer), Matthew Demyen (Secretary), Jasmine Kulbida (Events Director), Ben Barnard (Membership Director), Mike Hamilton (Communications Director), David Hopkins (General Executive), Nick D'Autremont (General Executive) and Jeff Cliff (General Executive). Elections for the 2007 - 2008 executive were held in March 2007.

We are upgrading our forum this year for better security and usability. We are continuing to add pictures to the gallery of the events we hold throughout the past year.

We are planning on focusing more time for all ages events as well as our Beer and Pizzas. We started off the year with our first Beer and Pizza scheduled on September 14th. The following Saturday we held our first Video Games Night in the multipurpose room for all CS students. We had video games, board games and pizza and snacks available. Over the next several months we plan on having two more Beer and Pizzas, a CIPS Pool Night or other CIPS event, a Wonderland Arcade Night, Bowling Night, a Curling Bonspiel, a Mini Golf Tournament, and a Badminton Tournament, just to name a few.

In March 2006 we held our first Graduate Banquet. It was well received by students, faculty, and industry. A second annual dinner is anticipated. Stay tuned for more information.

We are currently looking for some sponsors for this year's memberships. R-Dot, the local LAN group, is a continuing partner with CSSS and always offers our members a deal at their events. Great Western has agreed to be our sponsor this year and they will provide us with beer and prizes for our Beer and Pizza events.

We are once again offering members free software through the MSDNAA using the online checkout service.

We hope to once again join several sports leagues, including indoor/outdoor soccer and volleyball. Last year the CSSS won the U of R Recreation Award for most involved team. We now have a plaque to hang up on the wall.

This year should be busy and exciting. As always, our continuing goal is to recruit more first-and-second-year students to help keep the CSSS strong for future years to come.

Congratulations ot Mr. Ken Konkel, an M.Sc. student working with Dr. Butz, for receiving an NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship worth $35,000.

CSSS Graduate Banquet and Dinner

This year the CSSS, with much help from the CS Department, held our first annual Graduate Banquet and Dinner. It was held on March 23rd, 2006 at the Queensbury Convention Centre. We had approximately 140 people in attendance, which consisted of students, staff and industry. We hired "Round Midnight", a local jazz band fronted by Ross Purse, to play during the cocktail hour. Our guest of honour this year was Dr. Larry Symes. Not only did Dr. Symes make a presentation, but two of his long-time associates and friends made some remarks about him. Our guest speakers were Dr. Stephen McClatchie and Dr. Cam Blachford. After Dr. Symes had spoken, we introduced all of the graduating undergraduates and graduate students that were in attendance. We also supplied a complimentary program and student booklet to attendees. This booklet contained the listing of the evening's events, as well as mini-resumes of the graduating students. This was to help the industry put the student's names to faces. All in all, the event was well received and deemed a success. We hope that upcoming banquets will be even bigger and better than the first.

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