Alumni Corner

Rita Sarman

  I am a new graduate from the University of Regina. I graduated in June of 2006 with a degree in Computer Science. I enjoyed my study in this area.

  As I was getting close to finishing my degree (early in February), I started applying for jobs and secured an offer from SaskTel. I had previous experience as a two-time summer term clerical associate with this company which helped me learn the company environment and policy.

  Now, I work there as a Programmer Analyst in the Data Warehouse. I am always learning something new, either from formal training or from day-to-day experiences. With my co-workers’ help and cooperation, I feel very comfortable and enjoy my work every day. Getting a job at SaskTel right after my graduation is like a dream come true for me.

Simon Orr

  Solvera is a consultant group dedicated to delivering innovation IT solutions to their clients. Solvera’s services range from management consulting to running critical systems. Clients are helped in developing effective business strategies and improving their business processes. Projects with Solvera include works for SaskPower, SaskTel Mobility, CUETS and a few others. As a consultant for Solvera, I will be providing ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement as it relates to specific modules and the integration to other modules. Continuous documentation is expected, as the business and development process is strictly adhered to.

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