Liqiang Geng is celebrating being awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, the University of Regina's highest academic degree. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering with a major in Computer Application from Hefei University of Technology in China.

Dr. Geng's doctoral work focused on efficient summary mining based on user expectations. Summary mining is one of the key issues in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems. An OLAP system finds many summaries from large databases and presents these summaries to the user. It is tedious for the user to navigate through these summaries to select the interesting ones. Dr. Geng proposed a software architecture called the GenSpace summary mining architecture, that uses probability based belief revision techniques to automatically find interesting summaries that are far from the user's expectations. Various pruning techniques are proposed to improve the efficiency of the mining process. Good experimental results on the real data sets showed the effectiveness of the proposed techniques.

During his studies at the University of Regina, Dr. Geng participated in various research projects in the Department of Computer Science, TRLabs, and the Energy Research Unit. He has an enviable publications record with 12 papers in referred conferences, journals, and books.

Dr. Geng wishes to thank his supervisor and committee members, as well as family and friends. He also acknowledges the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Regina, TRLabs, Farm Credit Canada, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada for financial support during his studies.

Congratulations to Dr. Daryl Hepting and two colleagues from Arts, Drs Chris Oriet and Katherine Arbuthnott, for their successful proposal for funding through the CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund, "Regina Integration Cognitive Experimentation (RICE) Lab."

Congratulations to those faculty members who received Tenure as Associate Professors effective July 1, 2006: Dr. Daryl Hepting, Dr. Samira Sadaoui, and Dr. Boting Yang.

Qiong Wu - University Prize in Science, Fall 2006

The University Prize in Science is awarded to the most distinguished student graduating with a first degree from the Faculty of Science.

Qiong graduated from the Joint International Degree program with Shandong University with a Bachelor of Science degree (Great Distinction) in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She has been presented with numerous awards for her academic achievements including an Academic Gold Scholarship, an Academic Silver Scholarship, the John Spencer Middleton and Jack Spencer Gordon Middleton Scholarship, the Canadian Information Processing Society Bursary and Queen City Section Bursary. She has also been on the Dean's Honour List through the duration of her academic career.

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