New Courses

Computer Science 215 - Web Oriented Programming

  CS 215 is oriented towards network programming. Its lecture component consists of a comprehensive study of Java programming language on both an introductory and advanced level. The network programming component involves applets, elements of concurrent programming (multithreading), client and server program development and network database connectivity.

  The students get hands-on experience in the labs which, in addition, introduce network program development products and Java Script.

Computer Science 280 - Social and Professional Aspects of Computer Science

  This is a new required course for CS students which explores the changes that computer technology has made to our interactions and society, from privacy concerns to music downloads to computer crime.

  We will examine the history of computing and the internet, we will debate current philosophical, legal and moral implications of new technologies, and we will see how countries treat these issues differently. We will also investigate ethical and professional responsibilities of a computer scientist, considering official codes of conduct and specific case studies.

Computer Science 409 - Interactive Entertainment Software

  This course teaches the design and implementation of interactive entertainment software, including computer games. Topics include: interactivity, principles of interactive entertainment, hardware platforms, current software development tools and languages, game loop, real-time requirements, design of virtual worlds and characters, incorporation of multimedia resources, evaluation, and aesthetics.

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