Secure Mail Services - Outlook Express Example

Outlook Express® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

Outgoing (SMTP) and Incoming (IMAP) Settings

This menu is accessed from "Tools->Accounts", select the "Mail" tab, then select the appropriate account ("Computer Science" in this example). Click the "Properties" button, then select the "Servers" tab. Both the SMTP server and the IMAP or POP server name are entered on the same dialog. Be sure to check "My server requires authentication".

Selecting SSL

Then select the "Advanced" tab. Check the SSL options for both servers. Be sure to use the correct ports. SMTP: 465, IMAP: 993, or POP: 995.

SSL Certificate Acceptance

This dialog will be presented the first time that you send mail, and the first time that you try to read mail. You must click "Yes" in order to procede.

If Outlook Express has a mechanism to permanently accept a self-signed/home-grown certificate, I have not been able to find it. It does remember the acceptance for the duration of the Outlook session.

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