Secure Mail Services - Thunderbird Example

Thunderbird® is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.

Outgoing (SMTP) Settings

This menu is accessed from "Edit->Properties".

Incoming (POP) Settings

Incoming (IMAP) Settings

SSL Certificate Acceptance

This dialog will be presented the first time that you send mail, and the first time that you try to read mail. If you click "Accept the certificate permanently", it will not reappear. If you click "Accept the certificate temporarily for this session", it will reappear every time that you read or send mail.

SSL Certificate Verification

You can display this dialog by clicking the "Examine Certificate" button on the previous dialog. You can also display it at any time by going to "Tools->Options->Advanced" clicking the "Manage Certificates" button, then clicking the "Web Sites" tab. From that menu, you can select and view any of the certificates that you have accepted.

If you verify the certificate, ensure that the two fingerprints match what is shown here. These fingerprints are also shown on the previous web page.

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