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Department Software
PC Software Installations
Site Licenses and Software Agreements
PC Software Descriptions
  • Software for which we have a site license or a software agreement is prefixed with an asterisk "*" in the following table. A description of licenses and agreements follows the table.

  • A table with brief descriptions of all PC software is located at the end of this document.

Software Package Laptop CL115 CL135.4 CL129.9
Access (MS Office 2000 Pro)   135.4129.9
Acrobat Reader 5.0  115135.4129.9
* Comdale V5.12 laptop 135.4 
* Command Antivirus 95 laptop115135.4129.9
Excel (MS Office 2000 Pro) laptop 135.4129.9
Exec Mail  115135.4129.9
Fast Menu  115  
Ghost View 3.4  115135.4129.9
Ghost Script 6.01  115135.4129.9
Internet Explorer 5.5  115135.4129.9
Linux RedHat    129.9
Logiworks   135.4129.9
Lotus Screen Cam Player  115  
MASM Assembler V6.11    129.9
* Mapedit V2.63  115135.4129.9
Netscape V4.7 laptop115135.4129.9
PhotoEditor (MS Office 97) laptop 135.4129.9
Power Archiver 2000 laptop115135.4129.9
Powerpoint (MS Office 2000 Pro) laptop 135.4129.9
(MS) Project 98   135.4 
QuickTime 4.12   135.4129.9
Rational Rose   135.4 
Telnet (Tera Term Pro) laptop115135.4129.9
UnFREEz2.1 laptop115  
* Visual Studio
   Includes: C++, VB 6
laptop 135.4129.9
Windows 98SE laptop115135.4129.9
Winrdbi laptop 135.4129.9
Word (MS Office 2000 Pro) laptop 135.4129.9
(MS) Works V6.0 laptop115  
WS_FTP laptop115135.4129.9
X-Win 32 V5.13f laptop 135.4 
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