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The following table provides a brief description of the software packages installed on CS Department PC's.
Department Software
PC Software Installations
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PC Software Descriptions

Software Package
Access (MS Office) A GUI interface for database query and report generation.
Part of the Microsoft Office suite.
Acrobat Reader A utility for displaying and printing information in the form of PDF files. This file format is often used for documentation and other similar information.
* Comdale A simple program used to demonstrate "AI" - Artificial Intelligence.
* Command Antivirus 95 A utility to scan for and report viruses on PC's. CS Faculty: you need the kit installed on your PC, please send a request to trouble@cs.uregina.ca
Excel (MS Office) A spreadsheet program; part of the Microsoft Office suite.
Exec eMail The official University of Regina email program. Contact Help Desk in the Computing Services Department for more information.
Fast Menu A program that creates drop down menus for HTML files.
Ghost View Ghost View program can be used to display and print postscript and PDF files on a PC.
Ghost Script A user interface program for Ghost View.
Internet Explorer Microsoft's web browser program used to "surf" and display WWW material.
Logiworks A digital logic simulation package used for creating circuit diagrams. SSI, MSI, and LSI component libraries are available.
Lotus Screen Cam Player A utility for displaying animated screen capture sequences produced by the Lotus Screen Cam program. These files can be embedded in html documents.
MASM Assembler Microsoft's PC assembly language program.
* Mapedit A program that allows you to create 'hot spots' on a gif image for WWW display. Clicking on a hot spot activates a link to another document space.
Netscape A freeware web browser program used to "surf" and display WWW material.
PhotoEditor (MS Office) An image manipulation tool; part of Microsoft's Office suite. Allows you to crop, rotate, and resize image as well as create transparent backgrounds.
Power Archiver A compression program similar to WinZip.
Powerpoint (MS Office) A tool for creating digital "slide" presentations for PC's; part of Microsoft's Office suite.
(MS) Project 98 A project management tool for cs270, cs372.
Rational Rose A software engineering tool utilizing the OOP paradigm for cs372.
Telnet (TeraTerm Pro) A utility that allows a PC to connect to a multiuser system. e.g. Hercules.
UnFREEz2.1 A simple freeware package that allows you to make animated gifs.
Visual Studio A package containing Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++, plus others.
Word (MS Office) A powerful word processing program; part of Microsoft's Office suite.
(MS) Works Another Microsoft product. An integrated package containing programs for a word processor, a spreadsheet, and database. The package is economical and easy to use.
WS_FTP A GUI (graphical user interface) program for copying files between a PC and a multiuser system.
X-Win32 A PC based interface to the standard Unix windowing system X11. Used to access G2 for cs420.
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