Linux Boot Procedure in CL122

When the PC's are booted, you will see a series of startup images, ending with the image of the Linux RedHat system.
The first time that you use your Hercules account to login to Linux systems in the lab, you need to select the > Session option from the options shown at the bottom of the screen as shown in this example.


A pop-up menu of choices appears. Select the GNOME option, and click on the OK button.


A Login dialog box will appear next. Type in your Hercules username, and then press the Enter Key on your keyboard.
The dialog box will be replaced by a Password dialog box. Enter your password, and then press the Enter key.

Login Password

If all goes well, you will next see the Linux window on the monitor.

The next thing you may want to do is start up a Linux terminal session.

To do this, go to the little Red Hat icon at the bottom left of the screen and select the System Tools menu. From that, select the Terminal option.

Select Terminal

You should see a window for the Terminal session. The cursor will be positioned beside the prompt on the command line in that window. You are ready to start entering commands. Just click on the X at the top right of this window when you are ready to end the terminal session.

When you are ready to exit the Linux session, go to the little red hat icon at the bottom left of the screen and select the LogOut.

You will see a small dialog box showing the choices:

You should choose Logout and then click the OK button.


Shut down

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