Sophos AntiVirus Installation Instructions

To install the Sophos antivirus software you must first remove any antivirus software that is installed on your computer.

Once the previous antivirus has been removed do the following steps:

  • Click HERE to download the Sophos antivirus software. You will need to provide your University of Regina (not computer science) username and password in order to be able to download the software. Save the file named savru.exe to your computer.
  • Double-click the file savru.exe and select Run. The following window will be displayed.

  • Click Install and the following window will pop up.

    Click OK.

  • Once the installation is complete you will be prompted to reboot. IMPORTANT: Do not reboot. Choose to manually restart later.

  • Right click the Sophos icon on the system tray and select Configure.

  • A window will pop up. Click on the Secondary Server tab. The following window will be displayed. Enter your username and password and then click Apply.

  • Now restart your computer. On Windows 95/98 systems the Remote Update application will automatically download and install the remaining part of the installation and will require another reboot.

  • After the computer is restarted, the Sophos antivirus will update.
    • If you are running Windows 95/98/ME your computer will prompt you to restart again and after the restart, Sophos will conduct a one-time check of files on your computer. This will take approximately 15 minutes depending on how many files you have on your computer. During the check the following window is displayed:

  • Click on Start | Programs | Sophos Anti-virus | Sophos Anti-virus and the following window will be displayed.

  • Click on Options, and then Configuration. You should see a window that looks like the following:

    Make sure all the options are set the same way as in the window above and click OK.

  • Click on Local Hard Drives and then click on the Go button to perform a full scan of your computer for viruses.

    NOTE: On Windows 95/98 systems the Full Scan will be performed automatically after the last reboot.

    If the Remote Update fails to download Antivirus software even when username/password are entered in Secondary configuration.
    Solution: Ensure that the primary server is not blank. If it is click the "Restore Defaults" button to fill it back in. If that doesn't fix the problem double check that your username/password are entered correctly in the Secondary configuration.

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