Departmental Web Servers

The Computer Science Department operates two Web Servers. The Computer Science Home Page and the majority of the departmentally maintained web content is available from both servers. Some of the material is only available on the Production Web Server, and links to that material should contain a URL that specifies the correct server.

The Production Web Server is at URL: This is the department's production web server and users cannot log in to this machine. User web content is never delivered from this server, instead requests for user content are internally redirected to the User Web Server. Users who prepare departmental content are expected to take extra steps to ensure that it will not cause problems with this server. In addition to being the production server for the Computer Science Department, this server also provides Virtual Hosting for several allied agencies. User content is defined as files located within a user's home directory. This includes symbolic links as well as physical files. URL's that reference material in

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a user's home directory will be delivered from the User Web Server. All other material will be delivered from the Production Web Server. These files are typically within the "/net" directory.

The User Web Server is at URL: All CS users have access to this server. The home directories that are accessed for web content are those recognized by Hercules. Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff typically have a home directory on Venus. Although in most cases a Venus home directory is the one that is used by Hercules, there are a few users who have a separate home directory on Hercules. If you have a home directory on both Venus and Hercules, then the web content that will be delivered will be the content of your Hercules home directory. If your Hercules home directory does not contain a "public_html" directory, then you will not have any web content accessible to the User Web Server. In this case you may want to create a symbolic link within your Hercules home directory to the "public_html" within your Venus home directory.

Differences Between the Servers:

Both servers run on the same hardware and software architectures. However, only the User web server allows user logins. It runs on Hercules. Login access to the Production web server is restricted to system support staff.

In most respects the servers are identical and all content that works on the User server will work on the Production server. The only exception is that PHP is only available on the User server.

Although supported web content should work identically between the two servers, there are more rigid testing standards for content destined for the Production server.

Again, if you are preparing content for the departmental web pages, contact the Computer Science Systems Administrator for assistance.

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