Students who may be interested in the Honours program should contact the current Program Coordinator to arrange for an advising appointment.

Students who are in the Honours program and have questions about course selection should also contact the Program Coordinator.

Students who are registered in CS 498 should contact the current Undergraduate Coordinator as early as possible during the term. The Undergraduate Coordinator will answer any questions about the Honours Oral Exam, approve the subject areas and corresponding examining professors for the examination, and lastly chair the examination (or appoint someone else for this task).

Students who are registered in CS 499 should attend an organizational meeting for the term, which is typically held during the first two weeks of classes for the term. To determine the time and place of the meeting, contact the department Secretary.

After this meeting, students in CS 499 should also contact the Undergraduate Coordinator as soon as possible to obtain assistance in choosing appropriate seminar topics.

Honours students in their final year should also discuss possible national scholarships, such as NSERC postgraduate awards, with the Undergraduate Coordinator, preferably in September, since the deadlines are typically in October.

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