Final Paper Submission

The final paper submission consists of three parts:

  1. Camera-ready version of your paper
  2. Completed and signed copyright release form
  3. Early conference registration by at least one author

Final Paper Preparation

Final paper submissions should be prepared according to the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) guidelines, which can be obtained by clicking the following link:

Specifically, we request that you use the llncs.cls style file, which is available from LNCS.

To prevent confusion, and to aid in the preparation of the conference proceedings, we insist that authors adhere to the following guidelines for their submissions:

  • Place all files in a single ZIP compressed file. The name of this file should be, where ### should be replaced by your submission number. If necessary, please append zeros to the front of your submission number so that the total length of your submission number is exactly 3 characters long (Ex. Submission "6" should be "006").
  • All files contained within the ZIP compressed file should use the following naming convention. Always use 9 characters plus an extension (cocoa###C.XXX). cocoa is a fixed string. ### is your submission number, with leading zeros appended as necessary. To distinguish several files of the same type (e.g., eps files) use characters a, b, c, ... in the field labeled C. XXX identifies the file type (tex, ps, etc.). For example, the files in a final submission could be named cocoa009a.tex, cocoa009a.dvi,, cocoa009a.eps, cocoa009b.eps, and cocoa009c.eps.
  • The following files must be part of submission: the TeX/LaTeX source file, all .eps fiqures, the final DVI and Postscript files. A PDF version of the final paper should also be included if possible.
  • Email your single ZIP compressed file as an attachment to The body of your email should contain the paper name, author list, and submission number.

Copyright Release Form

Authors must also complete a copyright release form so that their paper can be included in the conference proceedings, which is published by LNCS. The copyright release form can be obtained by clicking the following link:

One author of each accepted paper must sign the copyright form and the form must be received by the organizers before May 31, 2008. You must use one of the following methods to submit your copyright release form:

  • Fax the completed form to +1-306-585-4745
  • Mail the completed form to the following address:
    Dr. Boting Yang
    Dept. of Computer Science
    University of Regina
    Regina, SK, S4S 0A2
  • Email a scanned version of the completed form to Please ensure that the scanned form is legible.

Conference Registration

At least one author from each accepted paper must register in the COCOA 2008 conference before June 1st (i.e. early registration). Registration can be completed online by clicking the following link: