COCOA 2008 Registration

Registration Fees

  • Early registration (before June 1): US$ 450
  • Late registration (after June 1): US$ 500
  • Companion registration: US$ 200
  • Extra page fee: US$ 50 per page over the 10 free page limit (16 pages in total)

Full registration fee includes: the right to attend all COCOA'08 sessions; one copy of the proceedings; reception, banquet, lunches, and tour. Companion registration fee includes: reception, banquet, lunches, and tour. Authors of accepted papers must finish early registration to guarantee inclusion of their papers in the conference proceedings.

The COCOA 2008 registration process consists of two steps. In Step 1, you provide us with your personal information. Once Step 1 is completed, we provide you with a COCOA 2008 registration code. This registration code is used in Step 2 of the registration process. In Step 2 you pay your registration fee. Your total registration fee is based upon how and when you registered.

Before you can pay your registration fee, you must provide us with your personal information. Once this step is completed, we will provide you with a registration code that you can use in Step 2. To complete Step 1, please click the following link:

Register in COCOA 2008 >>

The preferred method of payment is to use our online payment system, which accepts all major credit cards and PayPal accounts. To use this payment system you do not require a PayPal account. A reciept for your registration payment will be provided at the conference.

To pay your COCOA 2008 registration fee using a credit card or PayPal account, please enter your COCOA 2008 registration code in the input field shown below. If you do not have a registration code, please complete Step 1 of the COCOA 2008 registration process. If you have lost or forgotten your registration code, please contact the COCOA 2008 organizing committee at

Registration Code:

If you require alternative payment options, please contact the conference organizers at: Please provide us with your registration code.