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After the Thesis Defense

What Should Be Done After a Thesis Defence?


Carefully revise the thesis, as required by the defense committee.


After the thesis revisions have been completed, the supervisor (and if required, other members of the defence committee) should review it and then sign a form confirming that all required changes have been made. The form, an original copy of the thesis, a second copy of the thesis, and two forms are taken to the Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate Coordinator

The Graduate Coordinator reviews the changes and sign the forms. The forms are taken to the Department Office. The Department Head sends a Recommendation for Award of the Degree form and attachments to Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Faculty of Graduate Studies of Research

The Faculty of Graduate Studies of Research announces to you by letter that you have completed the requirements for the degree, which is awarded after the next meeting of the Executive of Council, which occurs monthly except during July, August, and December.

For more information see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research \ Graduation & Convocation web page.

Bound and Unbound Copies

According to departmental policy, you must provide the following copies of the corrected version of the thesis:

1. One bound copy, for the department

2. Two unbound copies, for FGSR.

3. One bound copy for the external examiner.

4. One bound copy for your supervisor.

5. Two or more bound copies for the other two or more members of your supervisory committee.

6. One or more bound copies for yourself, as desired.

Therefore, you need to make at least 6 bound copies and 2 unbound copies.

You are responsible for the cost of binding and photocopying your thesis. The best way to obtain copies is to have Printing Services print them; the Department Secretary will help you arrange this (for example, you should put 'Clean copies for thesis binding required' on the work order). The hardcover binding is usually done by Printing Services, located on the main floor of the Administration Humanities building. You can find more information here.

Library books and Unpaid University fees

Make sure that you do not have any overdue library books or unpaid University fees.

Library Procedures

A rough general outline of the processing and preparation of theses for library access can be found here.

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