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Before the Thesis Defense

What should be done before the thesis defense?

  • Check if all your graduate program requirements will be met by the end of the term.

  • Apply for Graduation

    Early in the term when you expect to finish, you must apply for graduation by filling out an Application for Graduation form and submitting it to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. (You must fill out this form, regardless of whether you plan to attend the formal convocation ceremony.) Graduation refers to finishing your degree. By applying for graduation you are requesting that the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research prepare to check that you have fulfilled all requirements at the end of the term, and if so, approve you to obtain the degree. For details and deadlines, see the Applying for Graduation section of the University web site.

  • When you are ready to begin defense procedures, notify your supervisor.

  • Please review the instructions for having your thesis approved and for proceeding to defence. It contains important deadlines, instructions, and all the forms needed for defense. After each form has been filled in, it should be returned to the Department Office for processing. After it has been confirmed to be completed, it will be forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR).

  • Although there are no set deadlines for submitting a thesis, a student should plan to submit a completed version, fully checked and approved by the supervisor or co-supervisors, to his or her supervisory committee at least 7 weeks (for M.Sc.) or 10 weeks (for a Ph.D.) before the planned defense date. The student must be registered in order to have the thesis processed by the FGSR. The student must also be registered in the semester that the defense is held. The suggested minimum times for a thesis requiring only minor revisions from the committee are:
    • thesis examined by committee - 2 weeks
    • thesis examined by FGSR - 2 weeks
    • thesis examined by external examiner - 2 weeks for M.Sc. and 4 weeks for Ph.D.
    • thesis defense scheduled - 1 week for M.Sc. and 2 weeks for Ph. D.

  • Theses must adhere to a prescribed format, which is detailed in A Guide For the Preparation of Graduate Theses issued by the U. of R. Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

  • Once a thesis defence is scheduled, it will be added into the department calendar on our department website.

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