CS215 – Web and Database Programming

Fall 2022 Lab Outline

Zoom Links are posted in URcourses

Lab # Date Contents
(Subject to change by the class instructor.)
1 Sept. 6 & 7 Lab Environment and HTML Content is in UR Courses
2 Sept. 13 & 14 CSS Fundamentals Content is in UR Courses
3 Sept. 20 & 21 HTML5 and CSS3 Content is in UR Courses
4 Sept. 27 & 28 JavaScript Fundamentals Content is in UR Courses
5 Oct. 4 & 5 JavaScript DOM Structure and Event Handling
6 Oct. 11 & 12 JavaScript DOM Manipulation
7 Oct. 18 & 19 Data Modeling and ERD
8 Oct. 25 & 26 MySQL Database Design
9 Nov. 1 & 2 PHP Fundamentals
--- Nov. 8 & 9 Midterm Break!
10 Nov. 15 & 16 PHP and MySQL - mysqli style
PHP and MySQL - PDO style
11 Nov. 22 & 23 AJAX with JSON
AJAX with JSON - PDO style
--- Nov 29 & 30 Come to lab to ask your Assignment 6 AJAX questions.

Other References

Link Description
CS Password Web site to get CS Account information and to set or change your CS Account password.
WebDev MySQL Account Services Web site to create or reset your WebDev MySQL Database and password.
Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is the recommended editor, remote file manager and SSH client for beginners taking lab.
You may use SSH directly from the terminal or command prompt of Windows, Mac and Linux.
Experienced Windows users might prefer PuTTY, a free and configurable SSH client for Windows.
WinSCP is a free and powerful file transfer client for experienced Windows users.
CyberDuck is a free and friendly file transfer client for Windows and macOS.
FileZilla is a free file transfer client for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Access Netstorage This provides access to your files saved on Novell.
University of Regina Computing Services University site for Hyperion userIDs and passwords, and enabling printing in labs.