Design a 4-bit shift register



Lab Assignments

  1. Create a circuit project Lab1.circ in the Logisim.
  2. Add a circuit testing D-Flip-Flop
  3. Add a circuit testing a 4-1 Multiplexer
  4. Build a 4-bit shift register using four D-flip-flops and four multiplexers (MUX-4).
    Make sure that you have selection inputs control over it.
    	Select Inputs	Function
    	S1	S0			 
    	0	0	Store
    	0	1	Shift left
    	1	0	shift right
    	1	1	Load

    Here is the design diagram for you to design the circuit:


    1. Submit the file Lab1.circ which includes all the circuits needed.
    2. Submit the file Lab1.pdf which contains the following:
      • Screenshot of the testing circuit of the one bit D-flip-flop
      • Screenshot of the testing circuit of the one bit 4-1 Multiplexer
      • Screenshot of the circuit implementing the above 4-bit shift register design, with proper labels for the inputs/outputs.
      • Test your circuit with different input values.
        Screenshots of the four different scenarios.

Copyright: Department of Computer Science, University of Regina.