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Major Research Areas

Research Area
Faculty Members
Artificial Intelligence (including Data Mining) Cory Butz, Lisa Fan, Howard Hamilton, Robert Hilderman, Malek Mouhoub, JingTao Yao, Yiyu Yao, Sandra Zilles, Samira Sadaoui
Computers in Education Lisa Fan, Brien Maguire, Daryl Hepting
Databases and Information Retrieval (including Web Intelligence) Cory Butz, JingTao Yao, Yiyu Yao
Human-Computer Interfaces David Gerhard, Daryl Hepting, Robert Hilderman, Brien Maguire
Media: Animation, Audio, Games, Graphics, Image Analysis, Visualization David Gerhard, Howard Hamilton, Daryl Hepting, Xue Dong Yang
Software Engineering Lisa Fan, Robert Hilderman, Malek Mouhoub, Samira Sadaoui
Theoretical Computer Science Boting Yang, Sandra Zilles

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