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Regina Integrative Cognitive Experimentation (RICE) Lab

The Regina Integrative Cognitive Experimentation (RICE) Lab combines expertise in Psychology and Computer Science to do research in experimental psychology and human-computer interaction. It features state-of-the-art eyetracking equipment.

The RICE Lab, located in RI115 on the main floor of the Research and Innovation Centre at the University of Regina, is a resource for businesses in Regina that want to examine cognitive aspects of their software, including studying perceptual tasks or user testing of software.

Director: Chris Oriet, Psychology

Associate Directors: Daryl Hepting, Computer Science and Katherine Arbuthnott, Psychology


  • 12 individual cubicles for data collection, equipped with over-the-shoulder POV IP cameras
  • One mass testing room, with seating for app. 16; equipped with overhead projector and 2 IP cameras
  • 16 iMacs and 3 PCs (with CRT monitors)
  • E-Prime, SuperLab, ExperimentBuilder, and MEL software for data collection
  • EyeLink II head-mounted eye tracker; desk-mounted eye tracker also available
  • Apple XServe 3TB server

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